Starsentry (draft)

Plug. Scan. Protect

The StarSentry

The first affordable plug-and-play cybersecurity solution for SMEs in Malaysia, empowering SMEs to proactively manage risks and strengthen their resilience.

Plan & Pricing

Lite, Standard & Advanced Plan


for startups business
MYR 12,999
  • Standard Vulnerability Scan
  • Standard Automoted Reporting
  • 1 user access to web portal
  • Mobile Access


for small & medium business
MYR 15,999
  • Extended Vulnerability Scan
  • Enhanced Automoted Reporting
  • 2 users access to web portal
  • Mobile Access


for cloud version
MYR 19,999
  • Comprehensive Vulnerability Scan
  • Advanced Automoted Reporting
  • 10 users access to web portal
  • Mobile Access

Secure your digital world effortlessly with our
plug-and-play device.

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Frequent Asked Questions

StarSentry is a compact, easy to use, plug-and-play device that connects to your network and analyses all connected hosts for vulnerabilities automatically.

This product is tailored to meet the unique needs and budget constraints of small and medium-sized enterprises, offering a cost-effective and efficient solution for businesses of this size.

Are you aware of what digital assets and devices you have running currently in your office or network? Are you aware of when was the last time these devices were updated and patched? Do you know if any of your digital assets have a vulnerability lurking within it, potentially allowing a threat actor to take advantage of?

Most importantly, do you have an overview of the cyber security posture in terms of vulnerabilities of all the digital assets in your environment?

If your answer is no to any of the above, StarSentry is for you.

  1. End-to-end, fully automated solution that includes host discovery in the user’s network, checking for vulnerabilities and providing a report for the user.
  2. A user-friendly and intuitive web portal that empower users to effortlessly access and download reports, monitor scan statuses, and efficiently manage their StarSentry.
  3. It includes an integrated security feature, acting like a virtual trap to safeguard your network and StarSentry itself. It not only monitors itself but also alerts you if it senses any potential threats it detects.
StarSentry Commerical VA Scanning Tools
Requires any additional hardware? No
Depending on use case and breadth of scan coverage
Requires any product technical knowledge to get started? No Yes
Any additional configuration needs to be done out of the box to get started? No Yes
Is it expensive? No Yes